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Conference Presentation Guidelines

Authors will present their research in a specific topic area, and presentations will be assigned to nine different Technical Sessions. Each Technical Session will be moderated by two Session Chairs.


Presentation Length

Each oral presentation will be assigned a 20 minute spot in the conference program. Please kindly check the program for the time allocated for your presentation. Oral presenters will be allocated 17 minutes for their presentation and 3 minutes for questions and answers with the audience. If the presentation exceeds 20 minutes, the moderator will interrupt, and the Q/A period will be shortened.


Presentation Slides

Our experience indicates that up to 17 slides is optimal, allowing 1 minute per slide. You may choose to use more than 17 slides, but please be sure to complete your presentation within the allocated 17 minutes. Presenters are responsible for advancing their slides during each presentation.

o             Content: The first slide should contain the abstract title and should list all authors and their affiliations. Slide 2 should contain presenter disclosures if there are any to report

o             Fonts: You should not use any font smaller than 24 point bold for any item you want the audience to actually be able to see. That is a minimum — larger is even better. For rare circumstances such as to label something, 18 point bold may work

o             Colors: If you use colors, make sure they are dark enough and in enough contrast with the background to be visible in a large room seating more than 100 people. If in doubt, try it out first.

o             Presentation Template: You are free to use a template of your choosing.


Presentation Format

ASIDIC will support MS PowerPoint. Please ensure that all presentations are in one of these supported formats. High definition (HD) projectors will be used for all ASIDIC sessions. Please apply widescreen formatting when preparing your slides (aspect ratio 16:9; resolution 1920 x 1080).


Presentation Submission

All presenters are requested to send a copy of their presentation at least two weeks prior to the start of the conference for review. Please email your presentations to:

All presenters should bring their FINAL presentation in Power Point format on a USB stick. We strongly advise that in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances you bring an extra copy of all presentation files, and ensure you have a copy available from a suitable area on the internet that is generally accessible.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.

Presenter’s Release Form

All presenters are requested to review and sign a presenter’s release form prior to the start of the conference. You can download the form here: ASIDIC 2023 PRESENTER RELEASE FORM 

Please email your signed release forms to: